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Your Image as a Leader Counts – Emote Success June 20, 2007

Posted by Tariq Ahmed in Leadership.

The only reason you are a leader, is because people either consciously or subconsciously choose to be led by you.

A portion of what causes someone to be a follower of you is their perception of you. If you’ve ever attended a party on one of our Imperial Star Destroyers, you’ll notice that people tend to congregate around those that they admire, as they subconsciously aspire to be more like them.

So the lesson here is you can strengthen your position as a leader by being that type of person that people  admire, and aspire to be more like. No one wants to gravitate towards a low ranking Padawan; now we’re not saying to be fake – people will see through that immediately and your integrity and trust will be compromised.

Instead, be sure to promote your personality and lifestyle strengths – it visibly demonstrates that your ability to make decisions, plan, and approach things with a positive attitude results in success both on the job and off the job.

For example when The Emperor asks me to crush an uprising, I don’t view it as an exhausting chore – instead I demonstrate the level of passion I expect out of all of my staff, and enthusiastically anhiliate all those that oppose The Empire.

As well on a day to day basis, sure, I could pull up to my Command Ship in a zero emission escort frigate, but when my minions see my always clean customized Advanced X1 2 door tie-fighter with aftermarket sound system (Alpine head unit and Rockford Fosgate speakers), it subconsciously commands a certain level of respect.

Talk, walk, dress, drive, live, and emote success.

My X1 Tie Fighterdarthvader.jpg




1. Chung Harper - October 8, 2008

very humorous – thanks. This is great stuff, thanks for having the blog and putting details like this on it. Those of us with no writing skills really appreciate it. Believe me.

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