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Ways to Motivate Employees June 22, 2007

Posted by Darth Sidious in Motivation.

To ensure the continued dominance of the Galactic Empire requires the sustained productivity levels of the employees. One aspect of productivity comes from motivation.

Although it would be nice, but the reality is that most storm troopers aren’t self-motivated highly ambitious machines. And different intelligent organisms are motivated in different ways.

Financial reward is usually a factor, but it only goes so far, so you need to find out the unique combination that maximizes someone’s motivation.

Here are a few things to try:

Performance Bonuses: It’s the carrot at the end of the stick, and can only be given if a certain set of tasks have been accomplished. If the bonuses are implied to be guaranteed they lose their effectiveness. This can also be in the form of stock options (btw the Galactic Empire’s stock, EMPR, is at a 52 week high)

Public Performance Bonuses: Same as the above, but this bonus is in limited quantity, and you make it public knowledge who got it. It motivates people to be competitive enough to get it. And makes those who got it work extra hard to ensure they get it again because they like everyone knowing they won.

Quarterly Rankings: Rank all your staff from 1 to 5, and make it public so that people know where they stand. Those at the top feel pressured to maintain their dominance, and those near to the top are trying to get there. You CANNOT do the communistic thing of making everyone equal, that is a total de-motivator to your super stars, and for the weak they have no incentive to improve. Those at the lowest ranks need to be fed to the Panna Monster anyways, so it doesn’t matter if they become even more de-motivated.

Public Recognition: Some people really feed and chase the high of public praise, especially from top ranking officials and Sith Lords. The best part, is this is free. Though be careful not to over do it, it has to be as a result of people going above and beyond – not for just doing their job.

Free Food/Coffee/Drinks: This works particular well for technical staff.

Have the goal in sight: Employees need to see how their efforts are directly related to objectives at the top level. They can’t be working on something and not be sure of how it relates to the success of the organization.

The goal has to be reachable: You can’t have a goal that’s so far out into the future are so big that it’s difficult to visualize or emotionally relate to. For example at the low level ranks, we didn’t tell our commanders that we had a 15 year old plan to rule the empire; we focused on the next milestone, and that allowed people to get their minds around it.

Fear: This is personally my favorite. Knowing that if you don’t perform you’ll be fed to the Panna Monster is a great motivator. In some cases I may just electrocute someone for a minor mistake just to send a message to the others that failure and incompetence will not be tolerated. It could be as simple as having the person aware that their job is at stake.

Ownership: Let people own the areas they’re responsible for. It causes them to emotionally bond to that area of work, and result in having a sense of pride for its reputation.

Competition: Similar to some of the above, add ways to cause people to compete with each other. Either for money, recognition, prizes, etc… Keep a board up that has stars beside each person’s name, and you earn stars for significant achievements.

Darth Sidious



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