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Training June 23, 2007

Posted by Tariq Ahmed in Motivation.

From day one every employee of the Empire knows what is expected and conforms to those standards – the alternative isn’t attractive. During training, new employees are exposed to expectations and company culture, which sets the foundation for future employee performance.

During this critical time frame all expectations are fused into an employee from both formal and informal sources. For example, Storm Troopers work 84 hour per week, and they start that schedule from day 1. It’s very difficult to start an employee at less and then expect more from them in the future (especially without position or salary changes). Informally, they will pick up culture from existing employees, e.g. that a Storm Trooper shift is spent “standing around” for hours on end. If you expect more out of your employees, you must make sure they are well trained and have your expectations taught to them from the beginning.

Formal vs. Informal training: If your company doesn’t provide formal training, it is likely they will be asked to hit the ground running and usually train next to another employee or yourself. If you can manage it, you should train them yourself, so proper expectations and habits are learned. If they must them train with another employee, make sure you select the right role model for them to emulate.

Some areas of focus include,

Commitment: Schedules and time commitments for the position.
Responsibilities: These position-dependent duties should be clearly outlined.
Objectives: Position, Department and Company objectives.
Performance: How will it be measured and communicated?
Culture: Company culture and other expectations.




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