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Take a vacation before a performance review July 9, 2007

Posted by Tariq Ahmed in Career Management.

Do you sometimes feel like Anakin did when the Jedi Council denied him the title of Master Jedi, even though he was a member of the council? That is, you’re already doing the work, functioning in a capacity that is beyond you current title, and yet your deptartment masters still won’t validate your true value.

In such a case, take a vacation shortly before an annual or quarterly performance review. Although The Empire Inc. doesn’t offer paid vacations, it may be worth it to take an unpaid vacation to generate some negotiation leverage.

If you are as valuable as you think you are, being away for a good two weeks will cause your organization to be in rough shape, and clearly identify how your contributions and job functions enable the organization to function smoothly and effectively.

Now when you come back to your performance appraisal, your management will fully know what kind of pain they will be in if you leave – but more importantly appreciate the value you provide while you’re around.

 If you don’t get the promotion you were hoping for automatically, you’ll have negotiation leverage by using challenging events that occured while you were out. Having a fresh experience for the world of hurt your manager will be in if you suddenly left will bias them towards doing what it takes to meet your demands.

Darth Sidious



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