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Not even the possibility of death is a motivator July 14, 2007

Posted by Tariq Ahmed in Motivation.

Is fear of death enough to motivate?

Nothing excites me more than using fear and death to motivate others, but even using my great powers of the darkside has its limitations.

Here’s something to consider:
• Health care consumes $1.8 Trillion/yr
• It’s consumed by a relatively small % of the population
• 80% the health care problems are the result of 5 behavioral issues (vs environmental, genetic, etc…).
• I.e… choices in the way we live.
• They are: smoking, drinking, eating, stress, and lack of exercise.
• Any one of those five can cause heart disease, which is a $100 000 procedure to fix.
• 600 000 people/yr have heart bypasses, and 1.3M/yr have angioplasties.
• The surgeries themselves cause even more issues down the line…
• Ultimately, the condition eventually kills them.

All of this could be avoided with a healthier lifestyle. So, when it comes to behavior modification and how hard it is for people to change… in this case the choice is a matter of “life or death”, they still opt for the death.

So when it comes to motivation, if the possibility of death isn’t enough to change someone, what tricks up your sleeve do you think you have to motivate someone?

For weak minded individuals Sith Lords use the force to mentally influence someone using suggestive powers, but as a non Sith Lord is all hope lost – what better than death motivator could you possibly have?

Emotions (Passion). It is the key to the Sith way of life, and something the Jedi continue to underestimate. In the above case you’re relying on logic, and the premise of probability.

You must appeal to someone’s emotional motivators. In the above case, 77% of subjects who took meditation and relaxation classes maintained lifestyle changes.

When it comes to business appealing to one’s ambitions, things they care about (e.g. training, career path), competitiveness (e.g. ranking someone above others, giving special perks that signal to others this persons superiority), insecurities (e.g. being at the bottom of a published ranking list, fear of failure, fear of electrocution by the Emperor).




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2. David - April 26, 2009

Great read – can I ask you where you cited your statistics on the costs and percentages of health care, above?



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