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True Leaders – Get Done vs Should Be Done July 17, 2007

Posted by Darth Sidious in Leadership.

There are no shortage of people who freely dispense their observations on what should be done, or the mistakes being done by others.

A true leader goes beyond pointing out the “what should be done”, and actually does what should be done.

This is one of the key differences between wanna-be leaders, and real leaders. Wanna-Be’s will just throw the problem over the fence, and just let others deal with it.

I recall in the early days of building the Empire where my staff had all kinds of ideas on what “should be” done, however very few actually did anything. Most prefer to upward delegate that decision, or use it as a way to deflect responsibility upon themselves by highlighting issues in other departments.

I often electrocuted such people, but Darth Tyranus (aka Count Dooku) showed leadership by proposing that a clone army be built for the Republic which could be used to entice the Republic into war against the separatists Droid army – and once engaged we simply turned the clones against the Republic.

Fear of failure is the reason why most people like to stay on the safe side of the finger pointing fence, but true leaders aren’t afraid to fail. Wanna-be leaders are afraid that if the idea fails, then it will reflect upon them.

The reality is that real leaders will fail from time to time because nothing is guaranteed; but you have to be brave enough to try one thing after another, have plans to mitigate your losses, and capitalize on your successes.

Similar to investing in the ESX (Empire Stock Exchange), other than EMPR (The Empire Inc) being the only symbol to go up guaranteed, you take calculated risks on stocks based on the information at hand. Some stocks will go up, some will go down, and using risk management you will come out ahead.

Stepping up to the plate is how businesses move forward. Taking risks, being strong enough to face failures and learn from them, and just GETTING things done… instead of just pointing out what SHOULD BE done.
Darth Sidious



1. siora - August 14, 2007

this is sooo true….i totally agree with you. thanks.

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