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Work Life Balance – Work is life July 26, 2007

Posted by Darth Sidious in Career Management.

Many people believe there’s a solid line that splits work and life apart. They see it as two opposing forces that compete for that fixed 24 hours in a day.

This may be true for jobs like Cashiers, Storm Troopers, and Bank Tellers. However when it comes to careers what sets the highly ambitious and most successful people apart is they don’t see that line.

A career is a COMPONENT of your life, not something that is diametrically opposed to life. It’s not ever at odds with your life, because it is part of your life. Just like your arm is a part of your body.

A career is something you train for all your life… You don’t spent 11+ yrs in school getting educated to be a janitor on a Star Destroyer. And once in a career, the education never ends; either through on the job experience or additional training as you go along.

A job is for the paycheck. A career is something more. Nobody is a convenience store clerk because it’s what they dreamed of doing. A career is based on a personal interest, probably something you care about. In fact, some take a pay cut to pursue a career (e.g. to work in non-profit, or to shift careers).

I personally care about bringing peace to the galaxy by way of the dark side of the force. That’s my life, so that is my career. So the more I contribute to my career, the more I contribute to my life. As much as I help the Sith, as well as my staff, I also do for the community of the Empire.

E.g. teaching the ways of the dark side is something I do always – both in and out of the office. I could have said something I do this both at work and outside – but that would imply there is a distinction, which is that line that separates the two… This line doesn’t exist; it’s a fabrication by those who lack passion for what they do to justify their lack of commitment.

Not to say that there aren’t different facets to life. Whether it’s racing tie-fighters on the weekend, to spending time with family. But when you believe in something you’re doing, you don’t view it as work. You view it as life.

Less passionate beings may try to convince you otherwise; their own insecurities and failures are comforted when they know others share their position. They lack direction and purpose in their life, and won’t think twice to mislead.

Work hard. Play hard. It’s all the same. It’s life.
Darth Sidious



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