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Luck is being prepared for an opportunity August 10, 2007

Posted by Darth Sidious in Inspirational Quotes.

Often people who are less accomplished like to blame the advancements of others as just pure luck, or that they themselves have had bad luck.

No. Those who excel in life are relentlessly persistent in their ambitious pursuits. They don’t react to opportunities, they’re prepared for them. No one knows when those opportunities will arise.

This doesn’t apply to just your life, career, or well being. It’s very applicable to business management as well. For example our ancient historic texts speak of a “tech bubble” that burst in the early 2000’s era; many companies clamped down on their I.T spending and determined that they would only invest once things got better.

However, companies that continued to invest during the tech wreck period were able to continue their technology innovation. Hence as a result, when the economy picked up they were totally ready for the opportunity and all their competitors were 1-3 years behind in their product cycles and would have to spend an inordinate amount of money to catch up.

For example, if you’ve been stashing away money and an incredible investment opportunity happens to come along – you’re prepared to leverage that opportunity. Those who are unprepared would try to scramble to raise the funds, or simply have to pass on the opportunity.

And so for those who were making the same salary as you (who could have saved the same amount) will continue to stay where they are, while you excel. Their perspective will be that you got incredibly lucky.

Yes. Absolutely, because you were prepared for it.

Darth Sidious



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