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It Starts From The Top August 19, 2007

Posted by Tariq Ahmed in Leadership.

Almost all problems in an organization can be traced back to the CEO.
Take any problem, and trace it through the layers of management.  Any poor decision from an employee was supervised or should have been by a manager.  That manager has a manager and so on.  Everyone is responsible for those who are under them, and ultimately that leads to the top executives, who answer to the CEO.

From poor service, poor products, poor marketing or poor sales.  Poor decisions are can be made by anyone in the organization.  It’s up to their manager, and the next layer of management to correct errors and keep things on track.

I’ve heard employees complain about glaring problems in a company, and as blame gets pushed from employees to managers, the question I keep asking is “And who is their manager and why do they allow X?”, the excuses and blame continue all the way to the top and the final question becomes “and why does the CEO tolerate X executive?”

A good CEO surrounds him/herself with winners, and hopefully that spreads down to all the layers of management.




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