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Quick way to reduce head count October 11, 2007

Posted by Darth Sidious in Managing Employees.

This is definitely a Sith signature move that the Jedi would never try. If you feel the ranks have gotten too fat, or you just need to streamline your overhead, here’s a quick ‘n easy way to trim the fat with minimal cost.

Announce that a mandatory drug test is required. Those that have used drugs will quit before the test is even administered thus saving you the time and expense of conducting layoffs (severance pay and all that).

Darth Sidious



1. Scott Miller - October 30, 2007

Yes. But how do you manage the risk that your most talented employees are also the ones using drugs? What if you lose your SPOKs?

2. Darth Sidious - October 30, 2007

SPOK Management is critical. In previous articles we talked about ways to assess your SPOK Risk Exposure, and how to minimize having SPOKs. They’ll happen regardless as people naturally specialize in aspects of the business – but as a manager at least you can manage the risk.

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