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Performance Review Tip October 25, 2007

Posted by Tariq Ahmed in Managing Employees.

When giving a performance review there may be times when weaknesses, poor scores or other negative feedback has to be discussed.  When these situations come up, keep them at a high level, and just expect the employee to listen.  Do not have expectations of solving them in the initial sitting.  Schedule a follow-up meeting 2 weeks from the original review where the negative feedback can be more openly discussed and a plan can be formulated to deal with it.

Why time is needed:  when an employee hears negative feedback, they may become defensive for obvious reasons.  Most people need time to let the negative feedback sink in.  They need to allow their emotions to go from surprise/defensiveness to serious thought and then acceptance. Time, thought, discussions and peer-feedback will help a person cope with the negative feedback   After time has passed they will be more willing to accept the negative feedback and see it as an opportunity to grow.  Hopefully by the 2nd meeting they will prepare their own plan to address the issues.




1. Darth Sidious - October 26, 2007

At the same time, that’s what your periodic 1:1s are also for – so that entire 3mos or 6mos goes by and you have to end up dropping a total surprise bomb on the employee. Use 1:1’s to check on how they’re tracking and guide them to stay on track if there’s anything in the way.

That way, by the time you do a performance review, there shouldn’t be any surprises.

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