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Lead, Follow, Or get out of the way October 31, 2007

Posted by Darth Sidious in Career Management.

You’ve heard the saying, but what does it mean? From a management perspective you either are helping lead (the Mission, Vision, and Goals), or you’re supporting it (as a follower).

It’s the last part you need to take a few moment to think about. If you’re not a follower, and you’re not leading anything, what are you doing? Do you think you’re the lone freedom fighter of sanity in the Galactic Empire (or a corporation you work for?). Do you feel you’re the only one that’s truly doing the right thing, and if all those other lemmings you call co-workers go down the wrong path, too bad for them? Perhaps you think you’re like a special agent doing your own things – because it’s the right thing to do?

You think about it.

Because if you’re any of the latter, you’re in the way of progress. It doesn’t matter if you think Management is wrong –  there’s a time when you can voice concerns when things are being evaluated. But once the decision is made, you’re either help mobilize progress, or you stand in the way of it.

Career wise, you put yourself in great jeopardy if you’re one of those obstacles to progress; because the headcount you tie up would be better spent if Management replaced you with someone who can help them achieve the goals they’ve set forth.

Your salary is an investment in you; and like any investment, you want a return on it (ROI). If you aren’t providing that value, then you’re a loss. So if you had an investment that continued to loose money, what’s the logical next step?

Darth Sidious



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