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Why don’t people want to take leadership? November 19, 2007

Posted by Darth Sidious in Leadership.

If you say the word “Leader”, the first things that come into your mind are thoughts of a hero, these fearless commanders in the face of adversity, or the well polished smooth talker that can give inspirational speeches to a crowd of thousands.

A Leader can be anyone, and you don’t need to have direct reports to be a Leader as we’ve written before.

Yet despite how everyone admires leaders, aspires to be one, and how relatively easy it is to be one… why is it that so few people actually take leadership?

The question is: can leaders be made, or are leaders born? The Sith are of the position that the root essence of a Leader begins with the instinct to Lead; it’s not a conscious decision where you wake up and go “I’m going to Lead today.” A Leader never even has this thought, they continually evaluate the playing field and see gaps for improvement or potential opportunities, and just make a move on it.

The execution of making those improvements or jumping on opportunities varies greatly, and young leaders will make a lot more mistakes than seasoned ones. So when people say Leaders can be made, all you can really do is mold, tweak, and refine those Leadership skills. But that essence, that drive, and that desire to do the right thing while bringing others along for the ride is there to begin with.

And what prevents a lot of people from being Leaders is the fear of failure, and fear of accountability for decisions. Like most things in nature (water, electricity, etc…) the path of least resistance is often taken, and this exists within human nature as well. It’s so much more easier to point out problems, or delegate the decision up, rather than to make the decision yourself. Because if that decision doesn’t work out, hey you at least did your job, so you can sleep at night knowing that it wasn’t your fault.

Leaders aren’t afraid to make decisions. Ok, maybe in some cases they are – but they’re willing to make them, and that’s the key.

So is there a moral to all this? Not really; not everyone is a Leader, and that’s fine. But at least accept that you aren’t if you’re not one, and support those who are.

Darth Sidious



1. David - November 19, 2007

Agreed – I didn’t get a chance to comment on your last post, but I do think the work “leadership” is bandied around more than it should be.

I think one of the major attributes of a potential leader, is the willingness to accept responsibility. I agree that the molding can happen, if exposed to the right mentoring, but if a person isn’t willing to accept responsibility, enjoy it, even, then it’s unlikely they will put themselves into a position where they can lead.

Now, some non-leaders are put in leadership positions, regardless of their ability – but that’s a different story, isn’t it?



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