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“Hiring Should be as Hard as Firing” December 21, 2007

Posted by Tariq Ahmed in Inspirational Quotes.

These are wise words to pass on to your managers.  Firing someone is the hardest thing a manager can do and therefore when they are hiring, remind them of the above Sith proverb and make them reflect on the magnitude of their hiring decision.  A body hired today, may have to be fired tomorrow.  Hire wisely.




1. Mike Morierity - December 22, 2007

So true Mr Vader, so true. I’m currently going through such a thing – I had to staff up quickly for a project we won a bid on, and thus had to cross our fingers. We didn’t luck out so well, so now some heads have to roll.

2. Darth Vader - December 22, 2007

If it was just for 1 project perhaps a temp agency or contract workers would have been better. You may have paid more for the help, but they would know it would be a 1 time project.

3. Rob - January 1, 2008

Lord Vader, as you know when you were hired by Emperor Palpatine recruitment practices of advertising, screening, interviewing, hiring and training are riddled with waste; it’s both too expensive and extremely time-consuming. I increasingly find that HR is a great candidate for a transactional lean six sigma project.

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