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Create a Skills Inventory to measure overall strengths & weaknesses April 22, 2008

Posted by Darth Sidious in Business Management, Managing Employees.

Say you’re in a team that specializes in using the Force to electrocute captured rebels, or run a Network Engineering team. When it comes to hiring your instinct is to focus on the obvious and primary skill of the team.

Need to fill in an electrocutioner position? Then you’re probably looking for someone who’s learned how to channel the powers of the Force into electricty. Need to fill in a Network engineer position? You probably are looking for a hardcore networking/router/firewall guy.

But look beyond the obvious and evaluate the skill sets that the team has as a whole, and identify where you are weak, and where you’re strong at. Sure it’s great to add even more firepower to what you’re already strong at, but don’t let that lead you into becoming unbalanced skills wise.

What skills you need depends on your long term staffing plan, which is related to your long term department/company/empire goals. If you want to grow, what skills will you need in the future? Growth is only possible if you have people will the right skills and personalities to achieve it.

Hiring ONLY for your needs of today is great if you never want to progress beyond today. We’re not saying ignore the needs of today, there are short term needs and they’re important, but keep the future in mind.

To assist you in this, put together a skills inventory list. It’s just a simple table of all skills needed by today and in the future, along with your staff and how strong they are in those skills. It will help you highlight where you’re really strong at, and where the weaknesses lie. So, you’re hiring strategy should try to fill in for those areas where you are vulnerable. E.g:




Darth Sidious

Darth Vader

Darth Maul

The Force






The Force







Empire Planning





Six Sigma



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