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How important is a degree? April 29, 2008

Posted by Darth Sidious in Managing Employees.

Many people view a degree as a worthless piece of paper that doesn’t prove anything, and that the true test of someone’s ability is their performance on the job. Sure I’ve seen Imperial Guards with little formal education who were just as proficient as those who went to Ivy League Imperial Guard schools. Real-world experiences trump academic any day.

But a degree is important in the sense that certain assumptions can be made by those who have one and those who do not. It’s true, a degree doesn’t guarantee any level of proficiency, but those who do have one have proven that the can stay committed to a goal long enough to complete it. They also tend to be more structured in their work and personal life, and took their career seriously from a young age.

Though those who have achieved a moderate level of success without a degree says something too. They’re passionate about what they do, and do what they do is out of passion (vs. just a job). Though because they don’t have the formal training, learning is done through hacking and a lot of trial and error – where as the educated person would approach it in a methodical manner.

One isn’t necessarily better than the other – but you’d be wise to make sure you have a good mix of both and not let yourself become overweighted with just one type.



1. David - April 29, 2008

I agree totally – I’ve found one excuse after another not to get my degree since I left college (15 years ago!). Now I need it, and its twice as hard to do when you have a wife full time in school and a baby to mind.

Anyone young, single and thinking of getting a BS/BA/MS please take my advice, and get it NOW! Or don’t….and do it the hard way, like I am….yeah, actually, that would be better!



2. Manfred - August 7, 2008

Hi there,

I nearly had my degree, then my company and some employees came in the way 😉
right now I don’t miss the degree and I don’t need it either… But I’m trying to get it anywhere. I just startet to do the rest of my exams on a distant learning university to finish my studies… Maybe the day comes when I need it…

BTW: I’m young but I’m not single, but I think I can do it anyhow…

Greets, Manfred

3. Luke - March 3, 2009

Important because rightly or wrongly, it opens doors.

4. Rachel - August 24, 2009

It only matters when you are lucky enough to know what you want to do with your life. Many people go to college because everyone told them they should. When school is paid for you or considered maditory to be successful you just do it. A lot of people I have met went to college and are now working in jobs that they love and have nothing to do with their degree. Other people have jobs related to there degree that they hate. So hopefully if you really know what you want to do just do it. Even if it doesn’t require a degree. Life is to short for regrets.

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