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Attitude + Aptitude = Great Employees May 5, 2008

Posted by Darth Sidious in Managing Employees.

The formula for a great employee is actually quite simple, you need a positive and winning attitude, and you need the skills (aptitude) to go along with it.

If I’m taking on a new apprentice, he may be a really positive dude, but if he has no sense of The Force, then it’s game over. And vice versa, you can have someone who has strong powers with The Force, but with the wrong attitude it’s a management nightmare.

That doesn’t mean that these two things alone will equal success, it just means you’ve got someone with massive potential. It’s still up to you to provide an environment or framework to enable them to succeed.

The attitude is going to give you someone that’s open to constructive criticism, change, and self improvement. It’s going to give you someone that’s naturally into knowledge sharing and collaboration. They’re empathetic, care about other people, and know that there’s more success in winning as a team vs winning as an individual even though the team loses.

Having the right attitude paired with the skills to back it up is going to get you the results. Whether it’s hardcore skills in technology, or in the ways of the The Force… they’re innovative, fast, and at the top of their game. They can isolate and resolve issues, and have the intellect to absorb a lot of information and assess the situation. They have expert level skills in their areas of expertise, and are well known for it.

These are the types of employees you want to have, but they’re extremely difficult to find. It’s easy to find people with lots of positive attitude, but are technically weak or slow. And vice versa, you can find some extremely brilliant and talented folks within the Empire, but with a negative attitude… you’re constantly having to fight that and institute processes to work around it.

So, if you ever do come across one in your walks of life… steal them. Whether they’re in another Department, or from other Empires (including vendors, partners, etc…). Do what it takes to lure them over. If you’re interviewing, you do what it takes to make it happen.



1. BubbasFat - May 12, 2008

One effective way of stealing HIPO employees is an often under appreciated, yet effective and potentially blinding technique I have seen used in the past by evil masters; Freezing in carbonite.

You isolate the individual, freeze them in carbonite and then ferry them back to your star system. This also works well for college job fairs. Just don’t let the carbonite fall into the wrong hands, like a fraternity.

In my line of work it can be tempting to lure potential future performers into my business, however you must remember it can also be considered poaching.

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