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Leadership lesson from Tony Soprano November 26, 2008

Posted by Darth Sidious in Leadership.

In my spare time I like to watch some 2 dimensional video feeds from the planet of Earth, and I was watching this documentary about this Sopranos family. It’s incredibly candid how the family allows almost all their actions to be recorded.

Anyways, there’s one episode where Tony (the Sith lord of this clan) has survived a gun shot wound and is out of the hospital. And being in a weakened state his clan begins to push limits and boundaries – beginning to treat Tony as a peer instead of a superior.

Although Tony was still weak and recovering from his injury he knew he had to do something quickly. He picks an arbitrary fight with the youngest and strongest in his crew to set an example, and re-establish his dominance. Which was risky, considering he could have lost in his weakened state, and that weakness would have only degraded his status.

This was a necessary move on Tony’s part, so here’s the take away… Subordinates will notice weakness, and take advantage of it (even if unconsciously). It’ll come in the way of pushing limits and boundaries, seeing what they can get away with (coming in later, leaving earlier, delivering less, etc…).

Subordinates respect strength. Hold your ground, you’ll get more results that way.

Darth Sidious



1. Harry - November 26, 2008

About the crew who didn’t do anything wrong, and the boss just picks an arbitrary fight with them to establish dominance: Did any of them get mad and quit after that? Did that make the culture better or worse?

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