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Crusader or Pragmatist… January 21, 2009

Posted by Darth Sidious in Business Management.

When it comes to selling an idea, concept, technology, etc… especially one that you are emotionally driven by, it’s easy for your passion to over do it.

Initially it may work as people are drawn to those who can paint a powerful positive vision of the future. But overtime what’ll happen is you’ve positioned yourself as someone who is on one end of an extreme, and upper management in particular doesn’t like that.

They won’t like it because they view you as an unbalanced crusader not able or willing to constantly re-evaluate business conditions and realities. Nor can your words have weight as you’re not (from their perspective) giving that balanced view of what you’re crusading for (i.e. the pros AND the cons).

It gets more tricky when you’re campaigning for something that’s negative by nature (e.g. layoffs, getting rid of Galactic Empire stock options, feeding high ranking officers to the Panna Monster for doubting the power of the Force, etc…).

In any case, you want to present a balanced fact based angle that doesn’t exaggerate  the pros or the cons. It’s the less exciting route to take (because you’re restricting the amount of passion that’s emoted), but it’s the path that will work in the long run.

Exaggeration is a technique that works for a short term buy in, but the problem is you’ll quickly lose creditability when the real results come in.

You don’t need to win with fireworks, guns blazing, or landslides… You just need to win.

Darth Sidious



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