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Communicating Decisions February 1, 2009

Posted by Tariq Ahmed in Communication.

When making decisions, managers need to make sure their subordinates understand the decision. They don’t have to agree with the manager, but they need to understand why it was made. As Lord Vader, I don’t have to explain my decisions to subordinates but I’ve found that keeping the men in the dark can cause many problems.

When you don’t explain, subordinates can feel shut out of the decision making process and feel they aren’t on the same “team”. They stop caring about the job and feel the “boss knows best, so why think?” This creates a negative energy and the employee stops being creative. If the employees disagree with the decision being made and aren’t explained the “why” they may think the manger is “ignorant” or worse. Also when left to their own devices to come up with a reason they may think the real reason is a nefarious one and that will only create paranoia and rumors in the department.

If the reason is nefarious (which is fine by me!) or needs to be kept secret, you can still make up a fake reason or simply tell them that an explanation will be forth coming and patience is simply needed.




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