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Crisis – it might be what’s needed for change March 26, 2009

Posted by Darth Sidious in Business Management.

It’s easy to campaign for improving how things are done, and you’ll get a lot of lip service with people who say they like and support the idea.

But what usually ends up happening is that it’s business as usual. Habits are hard to kill, and it takes a concious effort to do something different than what you normally do (especially if what you normally do kinda works ok).

What can happen though is the lack of making these changes can eventually lead to a crisis, but you know what? Maybe that’s exactly what you need.

Bad things aren’t always bad…

Of course something bad happening (lost revenue, customer escalation, mission critical system outage, etc…) is bad. However as managers and leaders, part of your responsibilities is to use these bad events as opportunities for positive change.

And an outright crisis is a big opportunity for that change as you’ve gotten people’s eyes wide open. So if getting to that right spot isn’t happening – don’t view a crisis as totally bad, some good may become of it.

Darth Sidious



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5. BubbasFat - May 13, 2009

Many companies, including the clone army, have taken advantage of the current global economic meltdown. Chrysler, and GM for example halved workforce and will continue to replace UAW members with base level clones at the few remaining open assembly plants.

Once the UAW is destroyed, little resistance remains to replacing all employees. No category of worker will be safe no matter how much training you have had; white, blue and black(sith) collar workers will find themselves displaced and hopping the next star frieghter off earth to find work in growing economy sectors like outer space interplanetary destruction, Universal health care, and grey market smuggling.

Now is the time for rampant layoffs, stripping of benefits, discontinuing bonuses, buying even cheaper coffee, cancelling retirement plans, cancelling health care for retirees, and generally walking away from obligations made earlier to employees. Take advantage of it now, while unemployment is high and the fear of loss is real to your minions.

6. mesila - May 13, 2009

What an interesting blog. I find it particularly cool owing to a strange change in my perception of the whole Star Wars thing: for years I utterly loathed anything to do with any aspect of Star Wars…and then during the first two years after a particularly bad break-up of a long term relationship I got myself to sleep at night by listening to Rifftrax movies (these are Mystery Science Theatre 3000 treatments of blockbuster movies, by the original MSTie crew) three of which were Star Wars movies. After a while I somehow became enamoured of them. I am not sure how or why it happened. After this change I began idly thinking of how interesting it would be if Lucas only were to do a SW story in which was explored the idea that the Sith – and “the Separatists” in general – had another side to them that wasn’t what you saw in the latterday Anakin Skywalker and his minions and masters alike.

I imagine also that there could be a dark side to the Jedi, even though it seems they’ve never been aware that they even had the capacity to possess one. It seems axiomatic, though, that any huge monolithic entity like “the Republic” would have an inevitable entropic effect upon planetary cultures that become subsumed under its rubrics.

This being the case: what if Darth Vader and Count Dooku and Grievous, et. al. cetera were depicted as the exception rather than the rule as regards the way of the Sith? What if the Sith way were less about having authority and control over others and more about having what I think of as the underpinnings of true power, which tend to cause authority and control to flow to it of their “own volition” negating the need for coercion? This is all probably a total no-no for Lucas, and would be considered “flying in the face of canon” by geeky Star Wars fans…but I was certainly never about that sort of thing anyway…

7. mesila - May 13, 2009

Oh, and regarding this post in particular: I just watched that remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still, which had a lot of flaws but had an interesting central theme: the idea that human beings only change when they’re at their crisis point, both as individuals and as a species.

Entropy seems to make us remain somewhat inert in most situations until something actually forces us to change by dislodging us from our comfort zones by force.

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