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I.T Managers – assess the needs of the company September 16, 2009

Posted by Tariq Ahmed in Business Management.

All too often I.T Managers develop an agenda, an I.T agenda. It may very well be intentioned such as increasing server availability, business continuity, network intrusion prevention, software upgrades, etc… and not that they shouldn’t be done, but it needs to be top down driven.

This means that you need to assess the needs of the company, and then translate that to your technology goals. And this assessment needs to be periodically reassessed as the business is in a state of constant change – what is a priority now might not be a priority 3 months from now.

Periodic reassessment of corporate needs, the real needs, help ensure you’re working on the right things. Your I.T goals need to be directly aligned to corporate goals and initiatives.

Successful I.T managers are those that have a strong ability to quickly assess the needs and tangible issues of the business, and how the current technology platform serves (or doesn’t serve) those needs. And for those that are weak, they create initiatives that miss the ball and end up costing the company huge sums of money.

As an I.T manager, make a point to develop this skill, and make it a recurring task to re-evaluate (and publish) an assessment of where the company is and how close the technology is to supporting that. Career wise, this will open the doors to more responsibilities.




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