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Sith Sigma is a joint effort amongst various Sith Lords and various Knights in the Galactic Empire to share the vast wisdom we’ve attained throughout the centuries as it pertains to business management, project management, product management, process engineering, leadership, and careeer development.

The Galactic Empire is a testiment of what strong management and leadership can accomplish; and to further maintain our dominance in the universe our lessons here will enpower all those that follow the Sith way of business.

Meet the Authors

Darth Sidious
Darth Sidious Chief Architect behind the Galactic Empire. Formerly a member of the Jedi Council, but resigned due to “differences of opinion” and created the Brotherhood of Darkness. Voted most likely to succeed in college, Darth Sidious went on to become a successful politician before forming the Empire. Hobbies include making armies of clones and droids, and occasionally electrocuting people. Enjoys reading books, hanging out at goth clubs, and scaring little kids during halloween.
Darth Vader
darthvader.jpg Second in command of the Galactic Empire; Darth Vader focuses his efforts on strategic planning, and collaboratively defining the vision and goals with Darth Sidious. Once a prime contender for the Jedi Council, Vader felt there was a more enticing career path by joining the Sith. Hobbies include hating the Jedi, crushing rebel forces, and choking people without touching them. Enjoys putting people in their place and eating Italian food.


1. Fadi El-Eter - July 6, 2007


I was browsing through Project Management articles and I bumped into your blog. To tell you the truth I was impressed with the high quality articles you have on your site. Would you be interested in publishing your articles on PM Hut (http://www.pmhut.com). In case you are, please email me back and we’ll take it from there.

Thanks a lot,

Fadi El-Eter

2. Darth Saul - July 9, 2008

I find your web site to be…..interesting. Could it be that you are or have worked with the clones at Motorola? Your site name is very similar to their “Six Sigma”………

Dart Saul

3. Paul Culmsee - July 11, 2008

This is a hilarious blog – brilliant writing, Basically the writing stye that I have been trying to do, but executed so much better than I will ever achieve. i’ll be posting a tribute to your work sometime soon.



4. Darth Sidious - July 12, 2008

Darth Saul, nope haven’t had the opportunity to work at Motorola – too busy building the Empire.

5. Darth Death - September 11, 2009

Why is this so called “blog” goal something so small as business? A real Sith would have he’s hands full with way more important. I like the site but feel disappointment towards its goal.

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