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What’s Your Next Step February 12, 2009

Posted by Darth Sidious in Plugs.
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A piece of good advice for anyone in both their professional and personal life is to surround yourself with experts.

Of course this doesn’t apply to me, for I am the greatest being that has ever existed. But for those of you who are mortal, try as you might, you can’t possibly be an expert at everything. Silly but extreme example – have you ever met someone who was a brain surgeon and a forensic accountant?

If you’re in a Sr role in your team, a manager, or in a leadership role this is even more important. So although I enjoy blowing up planets, I’ve decided to leave a few planets alone for the services they provide. I course have no personal need for such services (due to my perfection) but in helping my staff grow and become successful I’ve been sending them to work with these companies.

One such service is the Consultant Advisor – which I currently have Darth Nihilus attending (he’s the President of our Sith Professional Services consulting division). The Consultant Advisor (TCA) can guide you into breaking into the consulting industry, becoming a leader in consulting, and becoming entrepreneurial. Since sending Nihilus to work with Emi at TCA he’s improved profits by 22% in that line of business.

tcaFor more information Visit: